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NFL Week 2 – Cowboys vs Chargers Preview & Prediction Cowboys vs Chargers kick-off time, TV channel, live stream info and team news Cowboys vs Chargers free live stream and how to watch the NFL Week 2 Live NFL Week 2: Cowboys vs Chargers as McKenzie earns rare start at 10 Desperation changes minds quickly. Maybe Okung's asking price turned off potential suitors before the regular season began. As injuries occur and teams scramble to put together a manageable front five, the price tag could become far more palatable. John Breech reviewed film of the Titans' Week 1 loss to the Cardinals and came away thoroughly uninspired by Tennessee's offensive approach. He loves Seattle's trajectory, meanwhile, but can't quite forecast a blowout because of the team's track record. Check out more of his best bets and Week 2 predictions right here. Bill Belichick and the Patriots will make life miserable for Jets rookie QB Zach Wilson The Jacksonville Jaguars elevated receiver Laquon Treadwell to the active/inactive list. Typically, a ready-made starter isn't available once the regular season begins. An injury to a team's QB1 tends to be a death sentence. Newton can be a legitimate fallback plan. On his end, he can be patient to see what options come available. Ironically, Atkins shouldn't be viewed as an every-down defender once he joins a new team. He can still be a highly effective and disruptive defensive tackle. Considering his recent injury history and the fact he'd be a late signing, the 33-year-old could be an integral part of some team's defensive line rotation. \"I am deeply remorseful for my actions on Tuesday night,\" he wrote in a statement. \"I behaved in a manner I am not proud of. I have been dealing with some personal challenges over the last several months, but that is not an excuse for how I acted. The importance of mental and emotional health is extremely real and I vow to get the help I need.\" Dr. Allen Sills, the league’s chief medical officer, said almost all cases across have been the Delta variant. He said vaccinated individuals have had very mild upper respiratory illness, shorter duration. Sills also said none of the players who’ve tested positive required hospitalization. Detroit Lions wide receiver Tyrell Williams and defensive end Kevin Strong have been ruled out for Monday night versus the Packers with both in the concussion protocol, coach Dan Campbell announced. The team has since confirmed the news on their official injury report. As a passer, Jackson plays with exceptional poise in the pocket and is adept at mapping the moving bodies in the middle of the field; if he didn’t improve at all over last season’s performance, he’d still be very good. But this was supposed to be the season when his game expanded. His weakness has always been throwing outside the numbers, seemingly because he hasn’t done it much and has trouble calibrating those throws, but also likely because the Ravens haven’t had the outside weapons to help him in that area. So this past offseason, Baltimore drafted Rashod Bateman and signed Sammy Watkins to upgrade their perimeter weapons. Only, Bateman we down this summer and Watkins missed the bulk of training camp, meaning neither got much of the crucial preseason work they needed with Jackson. Any plans of expanding the passing game now go out the window, as even if Jackson was comfortable with his outside receivers (Watkins is back, Bateman is not) the pocket will likely be non-existent for a while. In the likely event that the Chiefs beat Baltimore again there will be lots of bad takes off of what happens Sunday night. But the decimated supporting cast means it’s going to be a lost night, in what’s shaping up to be a lost season for Jackson from a development standpoint. Last week I tried to focus on games where the mismatch in the trenches looked the most acute and this is another example. Zach Wilson is going to see some looks that will confuse him. The chasm in experience and accomplishment between the New England staff and the Jets staff is massive at this point. Belichick will have the Patriots prepared as if this is a playoff game because he knows starting 0-2 and, in particular, starting 0-2 against divisional opponents that he feels he should beat, could end up damning their season. The New Orleans Saints announced offensive line coach Brendan Nugent will be in attendance for Sunday's game while assistant coaches Ryan Nielsen (defensive line) and Brian Young (pass rush specialist) will not be in attendance due to COVID-19 protocols. The Saints also placed linebacker Chase Hansen on injured reserve. \"If they would have asked me, 'Would I play behind [Mac Jones]? They say, 'Cam, we're going to give the team to Mac, you're going to be second string. We expect you to be everything and then some to guide him throughout this tenure.' I would have said 'absolutely,'\" Newton said during an interview orchestrated with his father. \"But listen, the truth of the matter is this: He would have been uncomfortable. And they knew. And it comes by the mere fact of me being me.\" Not according to the referees who were in Tampa last Thursday night. No penalty was called, Dallas kicked a field goal, Antonio Brown scored a touchdown, and the Cowboys ultimately lost by two. Now the Cowboys vs Chargers has admitted nine full days later that it was an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. I’ve always been a big fan of Hackett’s. He was excellent at Syracuse, overachieved with a shorthanded offense in Buffalo, and—those of you who used to listen to the podcast when I co-hosted with Andy Benoit might remember this take—I thought his firing in Jacksonville was a complete farce. Hackett figured out a way to turn Blake Bortles into a competent starting quarterback and within one quarter of making him a Super Bowl starting quarterback. There are cities in the southern U.S. that have raised statues to people who accomplished less than that. If you haven’t already, carve out time daily to watch the masterpiece Hackett composed in Jacksonville’s divisional round shootout win at Pittsburgh (my personal favorite is the fourth quarter touchdown to fullback Tommy Bohanon on a vertical route out of the backfield—positively Juszczyk-ian before Juszczyk was really Juszczyk-ing for Kyle Shanahan).